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Club Recess is

The simplest way to meet other professionals during the workday in Canada.


Tag who you want to meet. You have the power.


Meet new friends over your work breaks. It’s that easy.


Screw formal. Be yourself!

1. Discover

We’re changing the game of networking. See new profiles near your location every day.

2. Connect

Tag. You’re it! Time to message your new friend.

Our Features

3. Recess

Coffees and lunches and drinks! Oh my!

4. Collaborate

Friends? Friends! Share experiences and grow together.

Why Club Recess

For the people who want to make new professional connections, but are allergic to networking events.

Smart. Fast. Efficient. Expand your network at scale, beyond any event.

No pitching. No more cold invitations needed. We can all be friends.

Accessible. Get the full benefits of a typical networking event in your pocket.

Collaboration. Share experiences and help each other succeed.

Join our supportive community

Our Toronto community is smart, down to earth, and definitely friendly. For us, networking isn’t a one-time transaction. Together, we can quickly learn from each others strengths and grow together. Now is the time to spark new ideas and realize your true potential.

The Wait Is Finally Over

Change your game of networking with Club Recess.