Networking for a New Generation

Club Recess is the app for people who want to make new professional connections, but are allergic to networking events.
Our Story

It can be really hard to meet new people outside of your office. With Club Recess, making new professional connections is simple, stress-free, and convenient. Our goal is to connect people and extend the conversation beyond the typical (shitty) networking experience. We’ll help you focus on what really matters — genuinely connecting with, and learning from, like-minded people to make new contacts.

After we attended over 100 meetups and networking events, we know how much of a drag meeting new people can be. But we also think that meeting new people is crucial to collaboration, career development, and learning. We believe networking is not working, and we wanted to make it incredibly easy — and fulfilling — to connect with other people over work breaks.

We’re helping professionals make their work breaks more productive and supporting their true potential. Join the club.

In the playground

Club Rules

We’re focused on building great relationships in our strong and supportive community. To do this, we require all members follow these simple rules.

The DONT’s:

  • No Ego:  Stay hungry, but more importantly stay humble
  • No Selling:  It’ll go in one ear, out the next
  • No Expectations:  It’s a casual break, not an interview

The DO’s:

  • Arrive On Time:  Waiting for someone sucks, so be punctual
  • Have Fun:  People are interesting, not job titles
  • Share Experiences:  Listen, learn, and help each other out


We’re growing quickly and are looking for people who want to learn, have fun, and share their experiences.

Don’t take your recess alone.

Whether you want to expand your knowledge or just meet someone super cool. Get inspired and tag someone today!