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What is Club Recess?

Club Recess is the simplest way to meet other professionals during the workday.

Who uses Club Recess?

Our playground is for people who want to make new professional connections, but are allergic to networking events. Whether you’re a developer, designer, engineer, hustler, business professional, or entrepreneur, Build your network easily!

What is unique about Club Recess?

We’re making your work breaks fun and productive again by connecting you with other ambitious, like-minded individuals. Our matchmaking algorithm connects you with nearby professional “friendtors”, or people with similar levels of experience, to help you spark ideas for collaboration, learn more about an industry, and ultimately grow together.

Why use Club Recess?

Club Recess is perfect for anyone who wants a simplified and convenient way to build their network, learn about career opportunities, or find the right people to share ideas / collaborate with.

How does Club Recess work?

Discover, Connect, and Recess. Every day at 9:00AM, you’ll receive 3 profiles near your location.  After both sides have mutually connected with each other, they’ll be added to each other’s chats.  Easily message and schedule the best time for your recess.

How quickly will I get matches?

Most often, results are delivered within a 48 hour period.

Club Membership

Where can I download Club Recess?

Club Recess is available in your App Store! We are currently focusing on iOS, but we’d love to eventually roll out for Android. We’ll be sure to update on social media when this happens!

How do I create my account?

Download the app. Verify both your LinkedIn account and invite code. Welcome to the Playground! #GLHF

Are there any rules?

Only a few!  We have a strict no douchebag policy.  For real, check our Club Rules and Terms and Conditions to make sure you play safely and responsibly!

Why aren’t I receiving any connections?

The more you play the game, the higher your chance of getting a match!  Don’t forget to invite your friends or even ask a friend for a referral.  Never underestimate the power of a re-connection!

I accidentally declined a profile, can I recover it?

Unfortunately, no.  You’re only given 3 cards a day.  Please review their profiles carefully. #ggnore

What are the fees involved?

Our beta rollout will be a free service (for a limited time).

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time by sending us an email to [email protected].  For more details visit our Cancellation Policy page.


Do I need to link my LinkedIn account in order to sign up?

Yes. We use LinkedIn to build a profiles basic information, such as your name, current occupation, and location. This not only speeds up your signup process, but it also verifies that users are who they claim they are.

Will you notify my LinkedIn connections that I’m using Club Recess?

Never. We would never notify your friends or post on your timeline.  We’ll leave it up to you to send them an invite code.

Is my LinkedIn information safe?

Yes.  LinkedIn does not give us access to your username, password, or any of your contacts information.  All information is located in a securely hosted server trusted by Fortune 500 companies.

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