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What is unique about Club Recess?

Club Recess lets you extend your networking beyond any networking event.  Our matchmaking algorithm connects you with nearby professional “friendtors”, or people with similar levels of experience, to help you spark ideas for collaboration and grow together.

Who uses Club Recess?

Our playground is filled with smart, down to earth, and young driven professionals. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, developer, designer, hustler, or business professional, Club Recess is the smartest way for you to meet the right people!

Why use Club Recess?

Club Recess is perfect for anyone who wants a simplified and efficient way to build their network, learn about career opportunities, or find the right people to share ideas / collaborate with.

Where can I get an invite code?

Our club membership invite codes will be sent out to specific individuals for our initial beta testing.  If you would like to be a part of this rollout please contact [email protected].

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