Networking for a New Generation

Club Recess is the app for people who want to make new professional connections, but are allergic to networking events. It’s the simplest way to meet other professionals during the workday.

While others are out making awkward small talk and collecting business cards (and not doing anything with them), we’re changing the game of networking. We’re making your work breaks fun and productive again by connecting you with other ambitious, like-minded individuals.

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Sean and the Club Recess Team

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About Club Recess

It can be really hard to meet new people outside of your office. With Club Recess, making new professional connections is simple, stress-free, and convenient. Our goal is to connect people and extend the conversation beyond the typical (shitty) networking experience. We’ll help you focus on what really matters — genuinely connecting with, and learning from, like-minded people to make new contacts.

After we attended over 100 meetups and networking events, we know how much of a drag meeting new people can be. But we also think that meeting new people is crucial to collaboration, career development, and learning. We believe networking is not working, and we wanted to make it incredibly easy — and fulfilling — to connect with other people over work breaks.

We’re helping professionals make their work breaks more productive and supporting their true potential. Join the club.

How Does Club Recess Work?

Every day at 9:00 am (Eastern Standard Time), users receive up to three matches near their location. Users match by Tagging [O] or Passing [X] on each profile. If both sides tag each other, they can chat in the app and meet over their work breaks (i.e., recess!).

Who Made Club Recess?

Club Recess was made by friends across Canada. Our core team includes Ryan Seo, Edward Choi, and Sean Ho Lung. We’re the creators at pxlfctry, a studio specializing in creating digital experiences. Our community is starting in Toronto, Canada, and we plan to launch in other cities as we perfect the experience.

Networking is difficult. But we recognize that helping people build a strong peer network can push them to the next level. We wanted to create a better experience for people to connect and build their professional networks.

We love meeting new people for the stories, opportunities, and relationships that come afterwards. And we’re just getting started. Welcome to the club!

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